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Faith Harvest Church is a multi-cultural church in Savannah, Georgia. Faith Harvest Church has become a place for wholeness, respecting the call of God that rests upon every person whom it touches. It is a harbor of hope, a haven of peace, a house of love, and a habitation that focuses on God's abiding presence. Contact us today for information on our church services!


Meet Our Pastor

Pastor David graduated from Rhema Bible College in 1978. After returning home to Jacksonville, Florida, he took a position as Associate Pastor with Living Word Ministries. At the beginning of 1979, he and his wife, Betty, were married. That same year they felt led to go back to Rhema, where Pastor Betty attended a first year graduate program and Pastor David attended a second year program, newly added to the school.


Together, Pastors David and Betty have made it part of their vision to pray for God to move in a powerful way in the city of Savannah. The Lord spoke to their hearts soon after starting Faith Harvest Church that they would "pastor revival". It become clear in the days that followed that what the Lord meant was they would build the church on the foundation of the Word and flowing in the liberty of the Holy Spirit. It would be the balance of these two truths working together like oars to a row boat that would keep the flow of revival from getting off track. 

They have also founded Faith Harvest Ministerial Association and Faith Harvest School of Ministries. Pastor David has written several books and training manuals. 


We believe that Faith Harvest Church is known to have a fresh and relative message, rich ardent praise, and powerful vibrant worship. It seeks to maintain a pure covenant commitment in relationships and has a devoted caring oversight through its leadership and staff. 


We aim to love people and present the love of Christ in a practical, applicable, and uncompromising manner. It is our belief that through the power of God's Word every person can find the purpose of God for their lives and fulfill their destiny. That is why our slogan is "Faith for the harvest." It is not just the harvest of souls, but the fruit of seeing God's eternal destiny found only in a personal, living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Founded to bring the Lord Almighty into their lives at every moment - moments of joy, moments of despair, and even those moments in between. We are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and are here to spread His message with loving patience and kindness. Contact us today and bring the Almighty’s presence into your life.


At Faith Harvest, we are more than just a gathering place- we are a family. From watching the youth grow up into mature young adults to helping friends with their business endeavors, we interact closely with each other.

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